Friday, June 4, 2010


Oh, my...does anyone know where I can get inexpensive polyester stuffing for my plushes? I was buying the big boxes of Morning Glory, but I found out today that Walmart no longer carries it. It has a really nice feel (not too smooth or plastic feeling) and was only $10 for 5 pounds.

I've been searching, but I can't find anything. I know I can order some brands online, but with shipping they will be very expensive. Does anyone know if Hancock or Joann Fabric (or some other fabric or craft store) carry stuffing in bulk? My local Joann used to have boxes of poly-fil, but I think they stopped carrying it.

What is your favorite brand? How much do you typically pay, and what size package can you get it in? Any help is greatly appreciated!


Kelsey the Ewok said...

I have been very lucky and have found all my poly-fil at yard sales!

I don't think Joann's carries poly-fil anymore, either.

Sorry I can't be anymore help!


Radu Prisacaru - UK Internet Marketer said...

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