Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Happy Birthday to

Yup, I turn 27 today. It's a beautiful day, and tonight I'm having Chinese food and chocolate cake with Justin and my family.

I share my birthday with some nifty people...
Christopher Walken, Al Gore, Samantha Brown (Queen of the Travel Channel) and Liz Claiborne
Also, the Eiffel Tower was opened and the zipper was patented today in history. Neat!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So, I got two wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. Justin was off of work, so he came with me (he's such a nice boyfriend!) It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would. I think it took longer for my mouth to get numb than it did to pull the teeth.

We went back to my house after the dentist and watched movies all afternoon...Better Off Dead (John Cusack!!) and Soultaker (one of my favorite MST3K episodes) We also saw Let the Right One In, a beautifully creepy Swedish vampire film. I highly recommend it!

I woke up today with my face feeling like a chipmunk...all swollen and puffy, but there's not as much pain as I would have expected. I think it feels better now than it did before I got them pulled...

I still have to eat soft food for a few days. So I'm living on ice cream, mashed potatoes, pudding, yogurt, and anything that doesn't require lots of chewing. This morning I warmed up a strawberry muffin with lots of butter, and it was soft and yummy!

I'm working on some new plushes for my Etsy shop, as well as a couple of custom orders. I'm hoping to have a few things finished and posted by the end of the week. Stay tuned for more updates.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now I'm grumpy...

I'm usually a very calm, easy going kind of girl. I don't get pissed off very often, but right now I am.

I woke up today in a really good mood. The weather is nice and I was looking forward to seeing Justin tonight. We haven't seen each other since Sunday (which is kind of a long time for us) I've been missing him like crazy, and I needed to see him after a week of dentists poking around in my mouth.

But he just called me, and his car is still in the shop and he doesn't know when he's getting it back. Which means he isn't coming over tonight. AARRGG! Stupid car! Why can't you be fixed now?!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Comic book reviews - March 17, 2009

I only got two new comics last week, so this post will be short.

The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, #4 of 8
Written by Eric Shanower, art by Scottie Young

I'm really enjoying this Marvel miniseries. It's charming and cute, with fun scary bits thrown in. It's adapted from Baum's book, not the famous movie.

In this issue, they've reached the Emerald City and get to talk to the Wizard. Of course he won't just give them what they want, they must kill the Wicked Witch.

Scottie Young's art is fantastic. I love his character designs, especially the Tin Man and Toto. So cute!
5 out of 5

Fables #82
Written by Bill Willingham, art by David Hahn

An epilogue to the Dark Ages story arc. Back at The Farm after Blue's funeral, everyone is dealing with the lose in their own way. Rose Red is seriously depressed and Pinocchio is hopeful that Blue will come back (like other dead Fables have before.)

The art for this issue is pretty good. Also, this is the first issue after James Jean's run as cover artist. I'll miss his covers, but Mark Buckingham isn't a bad substitute.

Not a very exciting issue, so I'll give it 3 out of 5

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gaiman on Colbert

Last night, Neil Gaiman was a guest on The Colbert Report. I squeaked with geekey joy when I heard he would be on :) My favorite author on one of my favorite shows? Too awesome!

Monday, March 16, 2009

What's I've been up to lately

I haven't written in a while...I haven't felt good lately. My jaw has been killing me for a few months now, so I went to the dentist last week. I had a cavity (which he filled) but the real problem is my wisdom teeth. I went to a different office today and he said that he can't remove them (it isn't fully exposed or something) so I have an appointment on Wednesday to talk to an oral surgeon about removing them. I've never had surgery before, so I'm a little freaked. But if my jaw stops hurting, well...I'll happily do it.

In other news, I've been sewing, and sewing, and sewing for the last few weeks. I've had a ton of custom orders to fill, including my very first wholesale order! I'm also working on some things to add to my Etsy shop. New plushes, and some screen printed pins and patches. I think I'm also going to add some of my original art.

I'm working on my review of last weeks new comics. It should be up sometime tomorrow.

And it's only two weeks until my birthday, so while I was out today I bought myself an early birthday gift...Awesome cranberry red Converse One Star shoes from Target! They are so cute! They look like vintage track shoes :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Comic book reviews


Today I'm starting a new weekly comic book review. I don't read that many monthly titles. I tend to like single book stories (no cross overs, no need to read other books to get what's going on in the main book) I like mini series, graphic novels, and starting from issue #1 (I don't like jumping in the middle of a story)

This week I picked up...

Hellboy #40
Part 4 of The Wild Hunt story.
Written by Mike Mignola, art by Duncan Fegredo

Hellboy and Alice follow a little creature (imp or fairy?) who says that he was sent as a guide by Mab, but its a trap! Those little guys are nuts! Great art, as usual. I really need to read all of the back issues, as this mentions some things from past stories I haven't read yet.

There's a backup story "Baba Yaga's Feast" by Mignola, with art by Guy Davis. It's excellent! I love folk tales, especially weird Russian Baba Yaga stories. Again, the art is fantastic.

4 out of 5

Buffy Season 8, #23
Written by Drew Greenberg, art by Georges Jeanty

Buffy and Andrew go on a road trip to stop Simone, a rouge slayer. This is a really fun issue. I love Andrew! Such a geek, and so lovable. He and Buffy "geek bonding" is hilarious. This issue felt like an episode of the show, with just the right combination of action and humor.

5 out of 5

House of Mystery #11
Part 1 of The Space Between
Written by Matthew Sturges, art by Luca Rossi

First, the cover is probably my favorite of the series so far. But I don't know who does the covers! I looked through the whole issue, but no mention of a cover artist. Is it Luca Rossi?

Anyway...This is a great issue. We find out more about the weird floating couple, and where people go when they leave the House. Fig's father is still an asshole, and Harry and Fig finally sleep together. Oh, and the Administrator of Ceorel is really creepy!

5 out of 5