Wednesday, October 27, 2010

All ten year old girls have a crush on Tim Curry...

My sister and I have a Halloween tradition. Every year we watch our favorite Halloween movie. Not a horror film, not It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie, the best Halloween movie ever is The Worst Witch.

It was made for TV in 1986 and stars Fairuza Balk as Mildred Hubble (her first role as a witch, long before she was in The Craft.) It also stars Charlotte Rae in dual roles as the school's headmistress AND her evil twin sister, Tim Curry as The Grand Wizard (who is swooned over by every female in the movie) and Diana Rigg as Miss Hardbroom (the not so nice potions teacher who doesn't like Mildred.)

It's a crazy movie, full of songs, goofy 80s special effects, and just plain wacky situations. In the middle of the movie Tim Curry gets his own music video!

Miss Cackle's "evil" twin sister and her coven of goofy witches are dressed like a five year old's idea of a "bad witch." They also have a song...

It really has to be seen to be appreciated. Or maybe you have to be a child of the 80s to love it as much as I can see for yourself. Someone has kindly posted the whole movie on youtube.

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