Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Back online

A few of weeks ago my old computer (which I'd had for at least six years without upgrading) stopped connecting to the internet. Oh, no! What was I to do? My dear boyfriend let me use his for a while, but it was hard not being able to log on whenever I needed to. I've realized how very much my life revolves around connection with people through the net. Not a bad thing...I like having friends and customers all over the world :)

Today I finally bought a new laptop for myself! Nothing fancy, but it has lots more memory than my old one. It also has a webcam, so you may see some youtube videos from me soon (not quite sure what they'll be about yet...maybe plush making tutorials or other artsy things.)

Now that my web life is back to normal, I'll be posting more to my sites (especially Etsy and twitter) and trying to blog more. What would you like to see here? Process pictures? Tutorials? Design inspirations/color board posts? Let me know :)

I'm working on some new dolls (monsters, circus freaks, and fairy tale characters.) I'm also taking holiday orders now! There's less than two months until Christmas, and I need to get custom orders by the first week in December. I'll make a longer post in a day or two, with all of the details.

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