Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gallery piece!

I know...I'm a bad blogger. Honestly, I started a tumblr page and I'm kind of obsessed with that right now. I've been posting/reblogging lots of stuff on there lately.

My month off of commissions is going pretty well. I'm getting some work done on my own pieces. First, I was accepted into a gallery show! It's a Kaiju Monster themed show. I made a monster attacking a city! All in plush, of course.

Kaiju monster soft sculpture, closeup

The show is at Cade Gallery in Phoenix, Arizona. I starts July 1st and runs all month.

Other than that, I've been making a bunch of little things. I'm trying to get a lot of plushes and dolls finished before I start taking pictures. Instead of etsy/blog style quick pictures, like I usually take, I want to do something more professional. I'd like to make postcards, buttons, and prints of the pictures. I may even make some backdrops or scenes...we'll see.


Ted Blackman said...

I like your robot monster plush. I stumbled onto it in a sci fi search today. You have a very unique subject matter for plush. There would probably be a big market for B movie monsters, if they're legal to do. IT the terror from beyond space would be a cool one. It's the movie that the Alien film was inspired by.

Lindsay said...

Thank you!
I'm a big fan of old sci fi and horror movie (as you can probably tell from my plushes.) Do you know if "IT" is in the public domain? I'd love to make a plush of it. I try to only sell plushes of movie characters that are public domain (like Robot Monster and Nosferatu.)