Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm melting...

There's currently a small heatwave here in Virginia. I don't like the heat. I feel like I can't do anything when it gets over 80 degrees. The official temperature today was 90, but I know it got up to 100 in Chesapeake (the official reading comes from the airport in Norfolk) I just don't think my body can handle the heat anymore. What's worse, I still live at home and my mom hates to turn on the air conditioner. Even when it's this hot, she just won't do it.

I want to live somewhere where it doesn't get so hot this soon in the spring. Maybe somewhere further North. Portland, Oregon sounds nice...or Seatle. Maybe Pittsburgh, my stepdad's mom lives there and she loves it.

I'm really tired of living here, but this is the only place I've ever lived. I wouldn't know where to go, really. Any suggestions? Somewhere that isn't too hot and humid in the summer, and is fairly cheap (for a starving artist) Maybe with a good art scene?

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Robert W. Leonard said...

My dad was always the same way! Imagine in that in Texas heat... Oy. I'm afraid I don't know of the art scenes (other than my sketch books, but a four year old surely can do better). I've always thought Wyoming or Colorado would be nice. If you like mountains and the cold. Good luck facing the heat! We have a little more time of nice weather (I hope) before the 100+ Summertime.