Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Random internet fun

I've been sewing all day and my eyes are starting to go a bit fuzzy, so I'm taking a break and wasting some time online.

I'm currently working on three custom plush orders (6 plushes in all) plus a bunch of stuff for my shop and Fantasci (a local SciFi convention that I'll have a table at this June) I'm also drawing a cover for Justin's short story collection...I just love the idea he came up with! It's going to be awesome :)

And speaking of Justin...he's just shy of having 100 subscribers on his YouTube page. You should go and check it out (and subscribe!) He does comic book and movie reviews, MST3K reviews, and other dorky stuff. And when he gets to 100 subscribers he's going to do a special question and answer video.

Blogs I'm currently addicted to:
Cake Wrecks- Brilliantly joking on "professionally" made cakes.
Honey in Your Tea- Random beauty
Dork Yearbook- Dorky, nerdy goodness
Crafty Storage- I love looking into other artist's studios!


The Bird said...

Wow, you certainly are a very busy woman!! Gonna check out your etsy shop and save you as a fave (I'll be the new question mark, as my faves are private) Take care :)

Lindsay said...

Yeah...I like to keep busy ;)
Checking out your blog now...I just love vintage style Halloween things!