Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This Saturday (June 6) is Fantasci, a local sci-fi/fantasy convention at Chesapeake Central Library. I'll have a table, selling my handmade plushes, dolls, and art. If you're in the area please come out to support the local fan community. The con is free and open to the public (no registration required) There will be panels, discussions, vendors, artists, writers, and a costume contest!

The con is from 9am to 4pm, but wait...there's more! The library will close at 4, but will open again at 7:30 for Fantasmo movie night, featuring Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie, and the original Highlander (director's cut!) In honor of MST3K:TM, I'll be donating a door prize. Up for grabs is a set of my MST3K bot plushes (Gypsy, Servo, and Crow)
MST3K bot plush set

Here are a few of the new dolls and plushes that will be for sale at the show:
He loves you!Binary Bot
Siamese Twin doll, red dressBearded Lady doll
Atomic Space Cadet


Robert W. Leonard said...

Those are awesome! I loved MST3K! :D

Lindsay said...

Thanks! MST3K is one of my favorite shows :)